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Written by Alfredo Villanueva-Collado, Ph.D.


The only reference I have ever found to vases made by the firm of Carl Stölzle, of Suchenthal (today  Suchdol, Czech Republic, known as a popular summer camping site) occurs in Glas des 20.Jahrunderts: Jugendstil.Art Deco , by Gustav E. Pazaurek/Walter Spiegel (Kinkhardt & Biermann, 1983).  There, on page 48:71, I found a picture of a vase described as “light red, mildly iridescent glass, with filigreed sheet metal fittings. Height 20.4 cm; Museum Klatovy.” 

I did have a couple of vases in my collection fitting that description, which did not include the dimples my vases shared with the one pictured. The fittings also matched: an open work metal collar of stylized lotus flowers. Soon I found other vases, in green and in blue, dimpled or smooth, but always with the characteristic open work metal collar.  It was not long before I found my first inkwell, also in pink, also with the same type of metalwork.
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Eddy Scheepers found a second reference (PMC VI: 62): Suchental was only one of the glasshouses of  the Austrian firm of C. Stölzle & Sons.  Others were Chlumetz, Georgenthal  and later the Hermannshütte near Mies.  The company was especially known for its pressed glass. All the above mentioned glasshouses were in the Czech Republic: Suchental, Georgenthal and Chlumetz in the South (east of Eleonorenhain), Mies west of Pilsen.  The Stöltzle Oberglas company currently produces high quality drinking vessels in Germany.

           Stöltze’s Art Nouveau glass production is probably the most neglected of the period.  Stölzle pieces routinely appear as “Loetz” or “Loetz type.” In Pazaurek there are 2 other general references linking the company to the production of enameled and engraved pieces. There are no references anywhere else, not even on Internet.

The type of metalwork may vary but so far I have found only two colors, the pink and the green. The metal frame on the two square models also appears in round inkwells.

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And here are two other shapes:

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So far, we have 4 shapes and 3 different metal fittings.  This is the identifying picture of vases and inkwells:

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