Paris 1900
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Hofstötter takes the Phänomen to the limit

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In the early 20 th century Loetz reached the pinnacle of its artistic skills. There was great response to its highly sophisticated glass which was exported to all continents. After successful exhibitions in Vienna and München, Loetz was awarded the Grand Prix at the 1900 Paris World Exhibition.

The models shown there took the qualities of the Phänomen decor to the limit. Most of the designs can be attributed to Franz Hofstötter, who had begun working with the company several years before.

The collection of the 1900 Paris World Exhibition is fully illustrated in Ernst Ploil's "Lötz auf der Weltausstellung Paris 1900"

Metalgelb Phänomen Gre. 358, 1900, II - 357, 
F. Hofstötter, © AA
Phänomen Gre. 436, 1900, II - 436, F. Hofstötter, 
© BG

Bronce Phänomen Gre 380, 1900, II - 380, 
 F. Hofstötter, (© KH)
Metallgelb Phänomen Gre. 358, 1900, 
I - 368, 
form and decor: F. Hofstötter, 
© AA
Metalrot mit rubin umsponnen und fuünfteilig, 1900,
II - 434, F. Hofstötter (?), © EM

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