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 A market scam?	

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Written by Alfredo Villanueva-Collado, Ph.D.


A Kralik “bacillus glass” inkwell (See article in this series) sells on E-Bay for $1076.  Its description: “LOETZ ART GLASS INKWELL IRIDESCENT  GREAT.”  Another iridescent inkwell sells for $650, live auction (you know who they are).  Its description: IRIDESCENT LOETZ ART GLASS & BRASS INKWELL  #1093585.  Wow, Loetz numbered its inkwells.  But it is not Loetz.  Greed, ignorance, advanced capitalism?  Or maybe all of them.  As a dealer, in a rare moment of honesty, confided:   “It does not matter what it really is.  My clients want Loetz and I give it to them.”  But it does matter.  Remove the Loetz ID and suddenly what was $1000 turns into much less because what is being sold and bought is not the inkwell, but the attribution..

An identified Kralik décor has vessels in purple or green glass, crisscrossed by wide iridescent silvery yellow or rainbow-colored bands   (PMC IV: 265)
  © AV © AV

The domed shade, from Internet, and the trinket box, from my collection, also exhibit Kralik’s characteristic banded decoration:

© ML © AV


And here is the inkwell  sold on E-Bay as Loetz:


Another seller, who is more knowledgeable about his glass,  knew that this one was made by Kralik:


© UK

© JPi


The  picture on the right shows another variant.  It is almost a dead ringer for Loetz Phanomen Gre 29, except that the base glass is violet/purple, a color very common to Kralik vessels but unusual in Loetz.


© AV


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