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Written by Alfredo Villanueva-Collado, Ph.D.

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The PMC 154; IV 257, 258, 259 illustrates vessels in blue or pink glass covered with pulverized glass, creating a soft, matte, light-refracting surface very much like Loetz Candia . Ricke I, 25:15 shows a pale yellow vase, shaped in a two part mold, similar to the left-hand vase in Photo 8: amethyst glass covered in slate blue. The right hand vase is made of green glass with a slate-blue/green surface.


Both vases in photo 9: cobalt blue with surfaces in varying shades of blue. The two-handled vase in Photo 10 : green glass with a matte green surface. Photo 11: two vases in pink glass with pink surfaces. Photo 12: two vases; on the left, pink on pink; on the right, orange base/pink surface.

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