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The production details in the years 1907-1910 show an abundant use of a decor called "Mimosa", in the colours candia (honey/amber), green (creta / grün), pink (rosa) and blue (blau).

The discovery of two vessels , one a small crackled bowl with production nr. series II-5297, and the other, a larger vase with production nr. series II-5857, which both - according to the records in "Lötz, Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940, Band 2, Katalog der Musterschnitte" - were only produced in different colours of Mimosa, strengthened me in the idea that this was the "official" Loetz nomenclature for the popular crackle decor.

For the production details: click here

series II-5297, candia mimosa (1907) © UK

series II-5857, grün mimosa (1908) © EZ



It also remembered me of a trio of crackle vases (see photo below) in the collection of Dr. Alfredo Villanueva, of which two correspond to production nr. series II-5222, although the green one on the right has a rim with more than 5 lips.  The original 5222 has only 5 (See details on page 467 of Ricke, band 2, p. 467).  The procuction nr. of the example in the middle is unknown, but it is a nice example of "rosa" (pink) Mimosa.

Mimosa trio, © AV
left: series II-5222, candia mimosa (1907)
middle: prod. nr. unknown, rosa mimosa
right: series II-5222, creta mimosa (1907)

Further indication of the Mimosa decor is a design by Eduard Prochaska, series II-5240 (below left) produced in candia and green, and  series II-5855, with a large production in candia, and some in green ( below middle).  The third one (on the right) is a rosa Mimosa, series II-5851.

series II-5240 (E. Prochaska), candia mimosa (1907), © UK

series II- 5855, 1908, candia mimosa, © KHa series II- 5851, 1908, rosa mimosa, © MFG
For the production details of the 3 vases above: click here

Lötz, Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940, Band 2, Katalog der Musterschnitte" describes the use of the Mimosa decor for many more models. 
To get an idea of the full extent of the production, check the following nrs:

series II/5017, 5019, 5218, 5200, 5220, 5221, 5222, 5239, 5240 (1907)

series II/5254, 5255, 5297, 5658, 5848, 5849, 5851, 5852, 5855, 5856, 5857, 5860, 5999, 6100, 6113 (1908)

series II/6389, 6937 (1909)

series II/7007, 7011, 7014, 7015, 7017 (1910)

The Mimosa decor also appeared on a wide array of classic early 20th century shapes, often with silberiris handles.  Similar shapes are series II/ 4712-4717

Mimosa vessels with silberhenkel (silberiris handles) (1907-1910)  © GP, © UK

Production nrs of most of the Mimosa vessels are unknown.  Of others the production nrs. can be found, but details don't mention the Mimosa decor. Here are a few examples in different colours

creta mimosa, prod.nr. II-6388, 1909, © KHa
blau mimosa, prod.nr. II-5235, 1907, © KHa rosa mimosa, prod. nr. unknown, © UK
candia mimosa, prod. nr. unknown, © MFG candia mimosa, prod. nr. unknown, © KHa

Loetz produced other crackle decors, like the "Rosa silbercraquelé" often used on seashell-vessels and "Astglas", but they are different from the particular surface treatment in Mimosa.