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Late Deco: 1925-1940

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Otto Prutscher's influence lived on in "Ausführung 227", and there was a real revival of the ever popular papillon decor, plain or in combination with opal colours like "Ausführung 226".  The pulled waves and well proven decors like diaspora and cytisus came back alive.  The techniques of the Art Nouveau glass were the source of inspiration, but applied to more or less transparent glass they led to completely different effects.  This tendency determined the production until the 1930's.  More examples of these types are shown in the Decor Catalog under "New Wave Art Nouveau".
Other popular types were "Schaumglas" (foam glass), in different finishes, very reminiscent of the
"Ikora" glass by WMF, and similar finishes like "Ausführung A" and "Ausführung C".

Ausführung 227Camelienrot / Federn, 1925, II - 5855 (1908),  © AB

Ausführung 226, 1925 (decor), unknown,
© AA
 Unidentified decor, 1930's, unknown, 
© MC
Candia siberiris papillon, signed with oval mark, 1925, unknown, © JP  Ausführung A rot, 1935-1940, unknown, © MC

Simultaneously there was a production line that showed a strong influence by Italian examples. It favoured both simple modern lined models in transparent glass with opaque applications (like "Ausführung 216") and the traditional Venetian work with millefiori inclusions or heavy, applied ornaments.

Millefiori decor, 1925, unknown, © JW

Camelienrot (?) mit blau silberiris, 1925, unknown, © BS

Ausführung 216 Amethyst mit mandarin Tropfen, 1924,   
III - 2019, © BG

ln 1939 the factory experienced heavy financial problems. It
burned down in a fire in 1940, but was never rebuilt because of the war.  After the war the company was nationalized.   Until 1947, when all activities were stopped, the production program also included designs from the previous period. 


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