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The shapes that originated from 1914 on were certainly inspired by the contacts with Viennese artists.  A varied range of bowls and bell-like vessels, in opal "Tango" colours  with black, blue and violet accents,  defined the production for the  years to come.

Ausführung 165 Mandarin mit schwarz, 1916, III - 845, © FI Kaiserrot mit schwarz, 1915, III - 600/7", © MC Ausführung 166 Maigrün mit dunkelblau, 1919, unknown, © FI


A strong impulse exerted from the work of Michael Powolny.  His striped decors, originally designed for the "Werkbundausstellung, 1914" in Cologne were freely adapted and constituted a large part of the production. These pieces are often mistakenly attributed to Michael Powolny. 

 His designs for Loetz are well documented and shown in H. Ricke, "LÖTZ, Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940 Band 2" and Neuwirth, "Loetz Austria, 1905-1918".

The influence of Dagobert Peche's flower designs showed in the designs of Hans Bolek, but also in the more common form catalog, with decorations by painters like Franz  Wilms.

Truitt, "Collectible Bohemian Glass, 1880-1940", p. 76 shows a series of handled bowls and baskets, decorated by the North-Bohemian company of Carl Hosch.
Ausführung 157 Orange mit schwarz, 1915, unknown, © UK
In-house Loetz design, in the style of Powolny
Ausführung 157 Orange mit schwarz, 1915, unknown, © UK
Flower decoration Franz Wilms (?)
Unidentified decor, 1915-1920, unknown,
© FI  
The rectangular, interrupted stripes and the enameled flowers are the work of  Franz Wilms


A remarkable finish, reminiscent of Titania was "Ausführung 134".  In the production records it already turns up in 1914.  The 1920 model next to it is in cobalt blue glass with gold trailings.

Political developments after the First World War led to the fall of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and gave birth to Czecho-Slovakia.  From 1918 on export products appeared with a stamped, etched mark :"Czecho-Slovakia" in an oval or a square.


Ausführung 134 Rosa mit stahlgrau, 1920,
III - 1116,
© RH
Dunkelblau mit Goldfäden, 1920,
III - 1160,
© UK


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