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The splendour of the Phänomen vessels often overshadows an important part of the post 1900 production. In the years after the Exhibition in Paris, a wide variety of less spectacular, but tasteful decors was added to the Loetz catalog.

On both old and new models the rich, densely applied Silberiris decor appeared.

It was also featured on the
  Asträa  finish, with honey coloured oil spots and it enhanced the optically strong appearance of decors like  Rusticana , developed in 1899,  Diaspora  with its crater like surface, or   Neptun  showing thorn-like seaweeds. Two other types , called 
Wellenoptisch ( Oceanik) and  Spiraloptisch had wavy or spiral patterns in the glass.
Blau iris, I - 814, 1900, © NB.  The form dates from 1898, where it was mostly produced in Pampas and Chiné. Asträa, 1900, unknown, © MC Creta Silberiris Rusticana, 1901, unknown, © MC
Candia Silberiris Diaspora, 1902, unknown, © MC Creta Silberiris Neptun, 1902, unknown,
  © JW
Oceanik, 1902, unknown, © FW Spiraloptisch, 1905, unknown, © RH


An honourable mention goes to the models  with  floral designs, done in a combination of painting and etching and the tradition of thin applied threads (Chiné - Pampas) was continued with the  Formosa  and  Aeolus  types.
Etched, 1901, unknown, © AN Formosa,  1902, unknown, © JW Aeolus, 1902, unknown,  © MC

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